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Muay Thai Speed Balls

Agasi Speed Ball Agasi Punching Ball

Speed Ball

Speed Ball, Fitted with Latex
bladder easy to inflate

Art No. Detail Size
SPB-01L Top Grade (cowhide) Leather Standard
SPB-01S Split Leather Standard
SPB-01A Artifical Leather Standard

Punching Ball

with steel hooks & Elastic
ropes on both ends
(Hand Sewn) Made of 2 Tone Material.
With Latex bladder

Art No. Detail Size
PB-01A Artifical Leather, Two Tone Material Standard

Punching Ball

Agasi Punching Ball

Punching Ball

Professional Punching Ball
(Floor to ceiling ball) Hand Sewn
with elastic ropes & nylon straps on both ends, fitted with Latex bladder

Art No. Detail Size
PB-02A Artifical Leather Standard
PB-02L Genuine Leather Standard
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