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AGASI is unique as a manufacturer for Martial Arts products. The company provides a spectrum of merchandise from student-level to high-end equipment and clothing specifically designed for Judo, Karate, Taekwondo, Silat, Boxing practitioners, designed for Martial Artists by Martial Artists. In addition to utilizing real life data for our products, we work closely with high level grand masters, instructors, international and national level players and sports scientists to design the perfect blend of comfort, fit, breathability and durability. We produce our products according to standards of international sports organisations. We are manufacturing complete range of Martial Arts equipment to meet your needs.
We welcome all Martial Arts Instructors and players to collaborate with our R&D (research & development) and manufacturing department for new and latest products according to their idea and specification to fulfil their athletic needs. Our R&D department is a team of highly skilled and well trained professionals who are always willing to experiment with new ideas, colours, designs and innovations using highly sophisticated materials and production techniques. Our Motto is to use all the best possible resources to ensure our products is able to prevail among highly competitive prices and attractive products for international markets.
We are devoted and committed to provide superior services and a range of quality products. We have produced a variety of designs and styles for each product as per specification of our respected customers around the globe.

We use A grade materials/fabrics for the production of each product and we do not compromise with the quality of our products when you collaborate with us. Our products are fully guaranteed against any kind of manufacturing defects. Our weaving, bleaching, dyeing, pattern, cutting, moulding, stitching, printing and embroidery facility is one of the best facilities in the country in order to achieve the best quality results. We always use fine quality raw materials, processed by AZO-free chemicals made by trusted and certified multi-national companies. We use our best workmanship in our factories to get the highest quality finished products.

We are very specialized in Judo Competition uniforms, white, blue and blue & white reversible Judo uniforms and Karate competition uniforms in canvas cloth. For best quality fabric, we use VAT & REACTIVE dyes for our dyed garments to get 100% guaranteed not to bleed at 60 degree centigrade. Our heavy weight JUDO & KARATE uniforms are used in practice matches and international matches. We maintain international federation's standard for our competition uniforms.
We always use "A" grade cowhide and goat leather for our fine quality leather articles, and we use best quality latex, neoprene and foam padding and special gel to feel comfortable inside the gloves during practice and international matches.

We have full confident of the quality of our products. Our production process is fully supervised and inspected by experienced supervisors at all stages of production which enables us to produce finest quality according to the international standards.

We believe that outstanding quality and style is a necessity for the Martial Arts (Judo, Jujitsu, Karate, Taekwondo, Silat, Boxing, MMA etc.) fighters and enthusiasts!
At Agasi, we strive for innovation and pride ourselves in creating products that outperform the market and serve you the best. We design and manufacture everything needed to train and live the MMA lifestyle indefinitely.

In order to stay ahead in the ever changing world of Martial Arts and fitness world, it is imperative to be innovative. We are surviving for the same. Moreover, quality, standard and diversity are the three most significant attributes.
Our reputation is built on quality, reliability, honesty and our best services. Many of our existing customers have been with us since the very beginning.

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