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Judo Uniforms For Kids

Judo Uniforms For Kids

Judo Kid Uniform

Art No. Detail Size
JdUPc-01 "1 Star" (350 gsm jacket top, 200 gsm drill pant) 110-150

AGASI’s own innovated fabric, best quality of Cotton & Polyester combination to control shrinkage problem and gives Extra Strengthen to fabric.
The approximately 350gsm jacket uses traditional rice grain single weave design on the top and single diamond design on the bottom half, white bleached colour.
All stress points Lapel, shoulders, underarms, Sleeves are reinforced and patched with heavy cotton fabric & double stitched and special traditional Japanese stitching at back to make more strong & helping to prevent from torn & jacket with back seam.

Pant has a traditional drawstring waist with a generous gusset and quilted reinforcement on the knees.
All sizes are available with Belt.

Art No. JdUPc-01


Detail For Agasi Judo Uniform

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