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Judo Dummy

  Made of top grade Genuine Leather  
Dm-01-Xs W: 30-35Lbs | H: 52 Inches X-Small
Dm-01-S W: 50-55Lbs | H: 58 Inches Small
Dm-01-M W: 60-65Lbs | H: 63 Inches Medium
Dm-01-L W: 78-85Lbs | H: 68 Inches Large
  Made of Artificial Leather with extra Strong Lining  
Dm-02-Xs W: 30-35Lbs | H: 52 Inches X-Small
Dm-02-S W: 50-55Lbs | H: 58 Inches Small
Dm-02-M W: 60-75Lbs | H: 63 Inches Medium
Dm-02-L W: 78-95Lbs | H: 68 Inches Large

Here are few of the reasons why I have decided to build the Speed Dummy and I also want to compare the differences between the Speed Dummy and the Traditional Dummy:

  • The Speed Dummy is design to be almost half the weight of the regular throwing dummy. That makes the speed dummy a lot more functional while drilling throws, techniques and combat fitness movements.
  • The difference of the stuffing materials makes the speed dummy much more flexible and a lot easy to practice than the traditional throwing dummy good for building explosive power but not design for training speed.
  • The arm dimensions are designed with extra length for good hold and grip vs. the traditional dummy the arms are shorter.
  • The Speed Dummy is designed to bounce of the mat while throwing. That helps the athlete quickly to reset for the next throw without lifting it every time.
  • The Speed Dummy is designed to develop speed and intensity while executing throws. With that, great cardio work out can be accomplished and could get your heart rate pretty high. With the traditional dummy we gain the ruff power while we are working on techniques, where with the speed dummy we can polish our techniques to perfection.
  • The Speed Dummy will not beat your body down if you decide to do warm up before wrestling practice or competition match but it will help you warm up your muscles on specific way for your wrestling style.
Action Judo Dummy Judo Action Dummy
Judo Gi     Pants     Belt     Tatami Mat     Wears     Judo Dummy
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