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Boxing Head Guard

Agasi is one of the most protective sparring Head Guard on the market, the Deluxe Face Saver thoroughly shields the head, preventing punches from making direct contact with the face. The efficient design narrows potential target surface, while providing a full range of vision. An adjustable rear closure and lace top allows the headgear to be form fitted. It is made entirely of durable leather with a buckle chin strap. Moisture wicking liner aids in quick drying, while keeping the head cool and comfortable.

Made of top grade leather and artificial leather

Size : S, M, L, XL

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Boxing Head Guard Leather Boxing Head Guard Leather Boxing Head Guard
Art No. Detail
HGL-01 Top Grade Leather
HGA-01 Artificial Leather
Art No. Detail
HGL-02 Top Grade Leather
HGA-02 Artificial Leather
Art No. Detail
HGL-03 Top Grade Leather
HGA-03 Artificial Leather
Haedgear Haedgear

Boxing Head Guard Leather

Art No. Detail
HGL-04 Top Grade Leather
HGA-04 Artificial Leather
Art No. Detail
HGL-05 Top Grade Leather

Boxing Head Guard With Face Mask

Art No. Detail
HGL-06 Top Grade Leather
HGA-06 Artificial Leather
Boxing Head Guard Leather Haedgear  

Boxing Head Guard With Face Mask

Art No. Detail
HGL-07 Top Grade Leather
HGA-07 Artificial Leather
Art No. Detail
HGL-08 Top Grade Leather
HGA-08 Artificial Leather



Our headgear selection includes Pro Mex Professional Training Headgear, Face Protector Training Headgear, Competition Headgear, High Performance Agasi Training Headgear, Full Face Training Head gear, Tuf-Wear Headgear, Agasi High Performance Leather Headgear, Agasi Traditional Headgear, Everlast USA Boxing Cheek Protection Head Gear, & Platinum Full Face Headgear.

Headgear is a padded helmet, worn on the head by contestants in Amateur and Olympic boxing. It effectively protects against cuts, scrapes, and swelling, but does not protect very well against concussions. It will not protect the brain from the jarring that occurs when the head is struck. Also, most boxers aim for the chin on opponents, and the chin is usually not protected by headgear.

There are different types of boxing headgear available. Some headgear is open-faced. This is the style normally used in amateur boxing competitions. Unlike open-faced headgear, training headgear covers the cheek. "Face-saver" headgear features a pad across the face so that no direct contact is made to the face. As the amount of padding in headgear is increased, visibility is reduced.

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