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Aikido Gi

Aikido Kid Uniform Aikido Uniform For Adult Aikido Jacket and Hakama
Aikido Gi For Kid Aikido Gi For Adult Aikido Jacket and Hakama

About Agasi Aikido Gi

Reinforced in the seams and joints most vulnerable to wear and tear, the Aikido Gi is made to last longer.

Carefully cut and sewn through traditional methods using high end materials, the Aikido Gi is durable more than ever before helping maintain the beautiful texture longer.

Made with the specific movements of Aikido in mind, the lapels of the Aikido Gi are made softer than the industry standard offering you maximum comfort.

Product of world-renowned manufacture "Agasi Martial Arts". Quality Guaranteed.

Agasi Aikido Jacket

Detail For Agasi Aikido Jacket

Also Available Aikido Wooden Weapons


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